U.S. TV Series: Black-ish
(Sitcom: 2014-2020)


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Donnerstag, 22. April 2021 19:00–21:00 Uhr

Kursnummer 21S154001
Dozentin Dr. Katharina Gerund
Datum Donnerstag, 22.04.2021 19:00–21:00 Uhr
Gebühr Eintritt frei

Friedrichstr. 17, vhs club INTERNATIONAL  
91054 Erlangen


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Everyone is welcome to join us for a screening and discussion of these popular TV shows! Experts will present the series and outline their main topics and cultural significance. The shows selected for this season revolve around the American TV family and imagine family life in various settings - from Manhattan to the suburbs of L.A. and from places of work to the domestic sphere. They thematize diverse kinship constellations and family values in dramatic and comedic formats that introduce us to the Fishers’ morbid family business (Six Feet Under), the Sheffields’ upper-class family household (The Nanny), the seemingly unconventional Pritchett clan (Modern Family), and the Johnsons’ negotiations of African American culture in contemporary America (Black-Ish). All of these series allow us to reflect on the cultural work of specific representations of family and kinship as well as on their ideological implications for American culture at large.
In Kooperation mit dem Deutsch-Amerikanischen Institut Nürnberg


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